How This Works ? is India's Largest Rewards program. It is the only genuine platform to give cash rewards, free mobile recharges and many other gifts to choose from.

The USP of this website is that members can get Reward Points for simply participating in different sections. There is no membership fee and you never have to spend your money to Win Rewards.

  • It is absolutely Free to Join
  • It is the only Rewards program in India where you can win mobile recharges, gifts or cash.
  • You win Reward Points when you sign up, for logging in daily, playing quizzes, reviewing products, rating new movies and many more fun activities.
  • Once you reach the minimum threshold to redeem your earned Reward Points, you can send a request for a cheque, recharge or gift.
  • You can be a member your entire life and win Rewards for as long as you continue to participate.

How You Can Win Reward Points ensures that its members win points easily and get maximum benefit from the website, while being a part of entertaining events. Here is how you can win Points easily.

  • 8900Points that you Earn right after you Sign Up and become a member
  • 20 Points that you Earn as incentive for every unique Log In once a day
  • 20 Points that you Earn for checking your Daily Personalized horoscope
  • 10-50 Points that you Earn for every correct answer that you give in the Quiz section
  • 30-100 Points that you Earn for checking cash emails in your inbox, which brings to you the latest offers & Deals
  • 20-200 Points that you Earn for playing the Cricket Contest
  • 300 Points that you Earn when you Invite Friends and get them to join the website
  • 500 Points that you Earn for simply updating your Profile
  • 500-2000 Points that you Earn as prize in the Tambola section

You can earn your Reward Points through many more sections and reach the minimum threshold easily. Remember to always check your Balance and look out for approved points.

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