How This Works ? is India's Largest Rewards Program. It is an advanced platform where advertisers and viewers meet. It is the only genuine platform to get free mobile recharges, gifts and cash rewards. The platform brings together offers from thousands of advertisers across the globe, coupons from all the large ecommerce sites, lots of cashbacks.

Just like how you notice advertisements in Newspapers, or watch them running on Television, what if you get rewards for giving some extra attention to advertiser messages ?

  • is absolutely Free to join and does not ask for any membership fees.
  • It is India's Only Rewards Program which gives you points which can be redeemed for free mobile recharges, gifts or for cash.
  • It requires no effort from you other than paying attention to Advertiser Messages, Coupons, Contests and Surveys.
  • Log to your account once Daily, to maximize your rewards points.
  • myCashKit is a one stop destination for the best offers from all verticals like Shopping, Travel, Banking, Education, Gaming, Health and many others. You get rewarded for your participation.

It can't get easier than this! Can It ?

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How Do I get Reward Points from ? truly values its Members.

So you get 8,900 Reward Points just for joining the website. To encourage you to visit the website daily, we give you Reward Points just to Log into your account once daily.

In your myCashKit account you will receive messages from Advertisers. You will receive messages based on your profile and interests. Thousands of messages, coupons, offers, contests and surveys are available. You will earn 25 to 1000 Reward Points for participating in the offers.

Lastly, you can earn 300 Reward Points for each member that you get added to

How Do Advertisers Benefit from This ?

This is a widely preferred mode of reaching out to the masses.

The advertisers are able to get their promotions sent across to the targeted profiled Member List, and the Members in turn get Rewards for viewing and participating in the promotions offered to them.

In the United States and Other Countries Abroad, it is common to pay viewers to participate in surveys and view advertisements.

How do I use my accumulated reward points ?

You can use your accumulated reward points for free mobile recharge or you can take any item from our Rewards Store. You can also redeem your rewards points for cash and send us a cheque out request. also provides you with a Rewards Points Calculator, with the help of which you can calculate the approximate Daily, Monthly and Yearly Rewards Points that you can accumulate, depending on the extent of your activity.

Offers and Deals on

You will receive numerous offers, coupons and promotions from Advertisers in your myCashKit inbox. has a huge panel of reputed Advertisers who want the best discounts and deals to reach the masses.