How This Works ? is India's largest Rewards program where members can win Cash rewards, Mobile recharges and a selection of Gifts.

  • Join for Free and Become a Lifetime Member
  • Participate in Quizzes, Tambola, Cricket Contests and Many more on an All India Level
  • Get Easy Reward Points for Participating in Different Sections
  • Redeem your Points to Get a Cheque, Mobile Recharge or Gifts

How You Can Win Reward Points ensures that its members win points easily and get maximum benefit from the website, while being a part of entertaining events. Here is how you can win Points easily.

  • 8900Instantly On Sign Up
  • 20 Unique Log In per Day
  • 20 Checking Daily Horoscopes
  • 10-50 Every Correct Answer in Quiz
  • 30-100 Checking Advertiser's Emails in Inbox
  • 20-200 Playing the Cricket Contest
  • 300 Adding a Friend
  • 100 Updating Profile
  • 500-2000 Winning Combinations in Tambola
  • and many more...

You can earn your Reward Points through many more sections and reach the minimum threshold easily. Remember to always check your Balance and look out for approved points.

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