Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the concept & how does myCashKit work?
  • myCashKit is an entertainment, gaming and utility portal for the entire family. We have a bouquet of games which would appeal to all. You can compete live with other players across the country. You can also rate and review products. We also have a very extensive movie section where you can get a lot of information on movies, celebrities and you can even rate and review movies that you have seen.

    While you are surfing and enjoying the site in a genuine manner, we give you reward points that you collect. These reward points can be redeemed for gifts.

    For all our games, we also give out instant rewards daily. The details are mentioned on the game play page or how to play section.
  • Are there any membership fees to become a member of myCashKit?
  • There are no membership fees and it is absolutely free to join. You also get 8900 Points Credit when you join.
  • What does a naturally active member means and how do you remain a naturally active member?
  • A naturally active member is one who logs on to the myCashKit site atleast once a week. Just like how you use gmail or facebook or any other utility site where you log in everyday, we expect all our members to remain naturally active. This would mean logging in atleast once a week. You can login through web or the mobile app (available on Android - Google Playstore).
  • How are points redeemed for gifts?
  • Once you have accumulated the threshold points required for redemption, you can redeem the same from "My Points Summary" section. You can redeem them for gifts from the rewards store.
  • How long does it take to process the redemption request?
  • Since we receive thousands of requests each week, it can take upto 15 days for your request to get processed.
  • What can be the reasons for rejection or delay of points redemption request?
  • myCashKit is a genuine utility, entertainment and gaming portal. The sole purpose of the site is overall entertainment. While you genuinely enjoy the site, we also give you reward points which can be redeemed for rewards.

    With over 30 lakh members, we have to ensure that all members follow the rules and principles of the site. Thus the site has been built with deep technology to detect the following concerns. If you have attempted to do any of the following and our automatic system detects the same, then most likely your redemption request will get rejected or delayed.

    - An attempt to create multiple accounts
    - Unnatural playing patterns
    - Any use of software/script to solve any of the games
    - Putting Wrong Profile Information at the time of sign up
    - Invalid Friend Requests
    - Not maintaining a Naturally Active Member Profile
    - Putting Incorrect/Irrelevant Movie Reviews
    - Only participating in 1-2 Activities to accumulate all the points
    - Putting Incorrect/Irrelevant Product Reviews
    - Not following the instructions given in messages in the My Inbox section

    Basically any attempt to harm the site or any attempt to gain points in a non genuine manner will lead to rejection.

    Those who are genuinely using the site for gaming, entertainment and other utilities will have their request passed in a timely manner.