Ronit Roy

Ronit Roy

Profession: Actor


Ronit Roy is an Indian film and television actor, known for his portrayal of K D Pathak, Rishabh Bajaj, Mihir Virani, Neil Khanna and Aparajit Deb. The actor also owns a security business, providing security to Bollywood stars and production houses. Ronit Roy was born 11 October 1965 in Nagpur to a Bengali Hindu family. He is the eldest son of businessman Brothindranath and Dolly Bose Roy. His ...

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Born :

Oct 11, 1965

Known For :
  • Lucknow Central
  • Sarkar 3
  • Kaabil

Ronit Roy Movie videos

    • Lucknow Central - 2017

    • Sarkar 3 - 2017

    • Kaabil - 2017

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